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Welcome to Shoebox Photos

"out of the shoebox and up on the wall"

Got Photos?

Do you have a lifetime of photos you'd like to scan, organize and share?

Do you have a box full of  negatives or slides with no clue of what's on them?

Do you have an old photograph that needs restoration work?

Would like to view and share your photos on your phone, social media, or home computer?

Do you have old albums that are yellow and faded that need preserving?

Would you like to digitize your photos and memorabilia to downsize and to pass on to family members?

Have you created a backup system so you don't lose your irreplaceable memories to floods, fire, and natural disasters?

Not sure how to get started in creating a family photo library?

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I Can Help!

Shoebox Photos does photo scanning and organizing. 

We specialize in scanning printed photos, slides, and negatives of all types.   

We offer a range of services including scanning photos/slides/negatives, restoring old photographs, organizing prints, consolidating digital pictures from multiple computers and devices, and establishing a master photo library with backup and archive capabilities.

We also provide training on managing your ongoing library and editing your photos for sharing with family and friends. 

Our goal is to get your treasured memories "out of the shoebox and up on the wall".

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