Scanning your printed photos and memorabilia

The best way to preserve printed photos is to scan and convert them to today's viewable digital formats, such as JPGs and TIFs.  We will scan, color correct, and/or restore your prints to a digital format that can be organized and backed-up for safety.   Additionally, we can take high quality photos on a professional copy stand of larger items, such as large pictures, scrapbooks, and fragile memorabilia that can not be scanned.   For more information on this processing and pricing for scanning prints, click on the image to the right.


Print Scanning - More Info

Scanning your negatives (Color and B&W)

Negatives (if available) are often overlooked in digitizing a photo collect but can be the most complete source of high quality digital images.  Scanning negatives can take a much longer time to process with an associated higher cost.  However, we have created a system to organize, index, and scan your negatives using "digital contact sheets" and "proof scans" that lets you view your negatives at 1/3 to 1/2 the normal cost of scanning all your negatives.  The "proof scans" have a higher resolution with more detail than most print scans.  If desired, your "Best" photos can be selected individually with a simple on-line process and then just those specific images will be scanned on a dedicated film scanner with more in-depth color corrections and editing.  For more information on this processing and pricing for negative scanning, click on the image to the right.


Negative Scans - More Info

Scanning your slides

Slides can provide some of the highest quality images in terms of color and resolution.  Capturing this quality into digital images requires proven technologies and processes. We utilize both high resolution digital cameras and dedicated film scanners to capture high quality images of your slides.   


Slide Scans - More Info

Consolidating and organizing all your photos (printed and digital)

We can work together to organize your photos so that they are neatly categorized, safe, and accessible. From a backlog of current prints to a collection of heritage photographs, we'll guide you through the process of identifying what to keep and what to discard.  Consolidating all of your scanned prints, digitized memorabilia, and digital photos from your many PCs, cameras, and smart-phones provides a single location to organize and manage your entire family photo library. We can provide proven methods, techniques, and software tools to assist you in this task. This can include the tools to back-up and archive your library for safe keeping and to pass your family's history to future generations.  The goal of the process is to provide you with an established system to protect your family's history, images and memories that can be easily located, displayed and shared. 

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