This set is the JPGs saved and exported from Photoshop 2021 after various adjustments.  The matching DNG images used as the starting point for these adjustments can be downloaded through the Dropbox link.  Information in the comments section explain any adjustments done for that specific image.

These are the DSLR scans of printed copies of the 4 charts used to make the film strips.  The DSLR Scan images were captured with a Nikon D5500 24MP DX camera and a Nikon Micro Nikkor 60mm f2.8G ED lens.  The DSLR scans were captured in outdoor mid-day in direct sunlight on a cloudless day. A mirror in front of the chart was used to align the charts and the camera sensor plane to keep the charts aligned.  The initial exposure setting was based on the in-camera meter reading of an 18% grey card in the same light and position as the printed charts.  The aperture was set at f8 for all the exposures and charts.  The shutter speed was initially set based on the 18% grey card reading.  The shutter speed was then adjusted up and down several settings to provide slightly under and over exposed images.

Technical Info

  • Read Me - DSLR Scans v5-1
  • Read Me - DSLR Scans v5-2
  • Read Me - DSLR Scans v5-3
  • Read Me - DSLR Scans v5-4
  • Read Me - DSLR Scans v5-5
  • Read Me - DSLR Scans v5-6
  • Read Me - DSLR Scans v5-7
  • Read Me - DSLR Scans v5-8
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