This set is the JPGs saved and exported from Lightroom Classic 2021 after various adjustments.  Negative Lab Pro v2.2 was used for the negative to positive conversion.  The conversion in NLP was saved as a positive TIF and all additional adjustments were done on that positive copy.  The matching DNG images used for these adjustments can be downloaded through the Dropbox link. Information in the comments section explain any adjustments done for that specific image.

These are the DSLR scans of the Kodak Portra 400 film strip. The scans were captured with a Nikon D5500 24MP (APS-C) DX camera and a Nikon Micro Nikkor 60mm f2.8G ED lens. The lens is the same lens used to make the film scans.  The scans were made with custom built lightbox using high-CRI LEDs.  The light source LEDs were adjusted to approximately 60K.  The exposure was set with the camera in Aperture Priority mode with the aperture was set at f5.6 with an auto-exposure setting for speed adjustment.

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