Print Scanning -

Basic level Scanning – 35¢ per print

Scanned @ 600 dpi with basic color correction and light dust/scratch removal

All images can be returned in both JPG and TIF formats

Additional savings per scan when packaged with archival and/or organizing services

Add 10¢ per scan for front and back scanning of prints


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Slide Scanning -

Proof level individual frame scan – 35¢ per slide

Detailed individual scan – 75¢ per slide

$1.00 per scan for less than 50 slides

Digital Index Sheet - $1.25 per page  (20 slides per sleeve)

Includes sleeves, putting slides into sleeves, and indexing

All images can be returned in both JPG and TIF formats


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Negative Scanning -

Proof level individual frame scan – 35¢ per frame

Detailed individual scan – 75¢ per frame

Digital Index Sheet - $2.50 per page

Includes sleeves, putting negatives into sleeves, and indexing

(~2 pages / 24 frame roll, ~3 pages / 36 frame roll)

$1.00 per scan for less than 50 images

All images can be returned in both JPG and TIF formats


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Negative Scanning Trial Package -  $30 (a 25% savings)

Not sure of the Digital Index sheet process or the quality difference that scanning from negatives vs prints can provide?  Try this package to see some of your own photos and compare the results to prints you might have.  The Trial Set  includes 5  rolls of 24 exposure 35mm color negatives put into archive sleeves with Digital Index Sheets created and posted on-line for review.  These index sheets can be used to select up to 25 frames to be  scanned individually and "Proof" quality images posted on-line for review.  From the "Proof" scans select up to 5 frames to be scanned with a dedicated film scanner and individually edited in Photoshop for "Best" quality images posted on-line for review.



Copystand Scanning for albums, large or fragile items -

Album page scanning - $1.00 per page

Additional costs to remove and/or replace photos to/from album for individual scans and with individual scan rates applied. Specific rates determined after agreement based on type of album, age, condition, and if album is to be restored/returned with photos remounted

Large or fragile items - $2.00 per item

Photos in frames - $4.00 per item

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Photo Retouching / Restoration -

Photo retouching pricing is based on the amount of work required for each image.  The retouching/restoration work is charged at $40/hour billed in pro-rated 15 minute increments.  Most images will cost between $10 and $40.  Estimates can be provided before restoration work is started.

Photo Organization and preservation - 

Organization and preservation services are generally done as part of package after consultation with each customer based on desired level of organization and services.  These services can include standard file and folder organization for scanned print and digital images, removing duplicates, organizing photos by year/event, updating photo metadata, facial recognition process for family members, and image organization in Adobe Lightroom for long-term management.

For customers in the Bryan/College Station area of Texas, a quote of proposed services and cost will be provided after an initial free meeting to review your current photo library and desired level of support.

For mail-in customers, a free 30 minute phone consultation can be used to determine the organization services you desire after scanning your prints, negatives or slides.

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Notes –

Minimum $20 order for all services

$10 setup fee for on-line viewing and selection processing. Fee waived for all orders over $200

Digital images will returned on a size appropriate USB flash drive 4/8/16/32 GB with appropriate charges. Larger collections will be returned on an external hard drive. Size and cost of drives will be coordinated with client before completion.

Images may also be downloaded from this site after payment is received. Client images will be maintained on-line for 30 days after work completion.  

All images can be returned in both JPG and TIF formats

Return shipping is an additional charge for mail-in customers.

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