Negative Scanning

Scanning negatives is one of Shoebox Photos specialties!  A digitized scan from a negative will almost always provide more resolution, detail and color than a scan from the matching original print.  The "Print vs Negative Scans" link below show actual samples of the quality difference.  We can handle most formats of color or black and white negatives, including older family history sets.  Your negative collection might contain many great or historical family photos that have been hidden away since it's so difficult to determine what on the negatives.

We've developed a custom process to create a "Digital Index Sheet" that allows you to review a full roll of negatives on 2 or 3 pages BEFORE deciding which individual frames you'd like have a full size scan.  After selecting specific frames or the full roll, a "proof" scan of each image is captured with a high resolution  digital camera and converted to a positive image with color and exposure corrections.  For the vast majority of images, these proof level scans may be all that is needed.  These index sheets and proof scans should then allow you to select only your "Best" photos for a full detailed level scan.   This option of only doing proof or detailed level scans on desired photos can SAVE OVER HALF THE COST of normal negative scanning processes.Your scans will be returned as both JPGs and TIFs for your photo library and can be used for additional editing. 

Your negatives are returned in binders in archive quality sleeves that provide you with an organized index system you can use in the future to find specific images if additional detailed scans are desired.  No more guessing what's on the negatives!

The links below provide a more detailed explanation of the process and actual samples of the Index Sheets and Proof Scans.  If you're still not sure about the Index Sheet process, check out the pricing page for a Trial Package to see some of your negatives scanned.

Print vs Negative Scans


Index Sheets

Proof Scans

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